Toggle Clamps

We at ABBOTT TOOLFAST PVT. LTD. are equipped with modern inhouse production facilities, skilled manpower and Quality Control department. Through continuous innovations and improvements based on customer feedback over the years, we have perfected the techniques of manufacturing our products. Abbott ToolFast products are well known for their quality, service and value for money not only in India but to our customers all over the world.

Our Vast Product line includes CLAMPING DEVICES like Strap Clamps, Mould Clamps, Pinch Clamps, Clamping Kits, T-Bolts, T-Nuts etc., different types of TOGGLE CLAMPS in Hold Down, Push/Pull, Latch Type and Squeeze Action, PNEUMATIC & HYDRAULIC CLAMPS like Pneumatic Swing Clamps and Hydraulic Swing Clamps, and MILLING & GRINDING ACCESSORIES like Precision Vices, V-Blocks, Radius Dresser, Sine Tables, Punch Former etc. Complete details of each product are given on this website.
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